Travel Safety Ideas when in California

California is a big place, it can be a lot of fun or a disaster Thinking of traveling to California?  With big attractions such as the beach, Disneyland, Hollywood and yearly great weather it is a giant tourist destination for millions of people.  But if you go off track in the wrong city, it can […]

The Top Movie Filtering Services

If you are anything like me, sometimes you just enjoy relaxing at night and enjoying a good flick.  However, now that I have kids I am a little more worried about what movie or TV show I watch.  I don’t want a bunch of swearing or inappropriate images to appear on the screen with my […]

Brinks Home Security Review

The Brinks Company is a large security business that operates in 50 countries. It handles a variety of business and home security needs including armored car transportation and home monitoring systems. Recently, after 25 years of operation, the company decided to spin-off the home security division into a separate business named Broadview Security. Though the home security […]